Need a Hero? Call Ground Zero!

  • Matt Avatar

    5 star rating   Mike B and Brian Jr. came by to fix my leaky Moen touch less faucet. They were direct and honest and made me feel very comfortable to recommend them. They were honest about costs, even when it was more than I hoped it would be (isn't it always as though....I tend to google to get ideas of pricing and lock onto the one super low ball price that isn't realistic so just needed to add this to be fair to what I said about it being more than I hoped). I would recommend then again and will use them next time that I need plumbing services.  - 5/03/2018

  • Glynis Avatar

    5 star rating   I had a great experience with Ground Zero - polite, professional, prompt and they showed up when they said they would, did a good job.  I have nothing negative to say about them.  - 3/30/2018

  • Lamar Avatar

    5 star rating   Mike did a great job fixing our bathtub faucets. He was in and out quickly, and they work great!

    Also, and Dominic was very friendly and helpful in answering a question that I had, when I ran in to him, even though he was out working on another job at my apartment complex.  - 3/02/2018

  • Adrian.Jennifer Avatar

    5 star rating   Mike and Kyle were very courteous, honest, professional and knowledgeable. On top of that, they were open to hear me out when I shared findings around the problem I have. They provided a quick and accurate diagnosis of the issue instead of trying to sell me a service I don’t need.

    Thanks for stopping by guys. You can be sure you’ll be the first ones I call if I have another plumbing issue  - 3/10/2018

  • Wayne Avatar

    5 star rating   We had a toilet replacement with a fair price and excellent service. Mike and his partner were very accommodating to wear booties in our home and did their job efficiently. What was also impressive was the office called us with the status of the service call i.e. if they were running late and if we needed to reschedule. We would definitely use them again and refer them to others.

    Great business! Thank you for a great job.  - 2/23/2018

  • Rebecca Avatar

    5 star rating   I rarely post a review about a service company but had such a great experience I felt the world should know. My son's water heater stopped working and his fiance had a photoshoot the next day! She needed hot water so we were scrambling for an alternate place for her to get ready. Fortunately Ground Zero sent Dominic out right away and he was able to swap it out and at a very reasonable price. Dominic is very thorough and answered all of my questions, even though I'm sure I was annoying him. He left the place better than he found it along with making us laugh and feel comfortable about a very stressful situation. Not to mention he is very good looking! You won't go wrong with Ground Zero! Thanks Dominic!  - 2/23/2018

  • Chanelle Avatar

    5 star rating   Dominic at Ground Zero was amazing! He came in and fixed a major plumbing issue we had quick and easy. Along with his great work ethic, he kept me informed of the problems he found as well as cracked a few jokes here and there. Definitely would hire him again in the future!  - 2/09/2018

  • Tiana Avatar

    5 star rating   Fast service and cleaned up afterward. Dominic was professional and courteous.  - 2/23/2018

  • Shelby Avatar

    5 star rating   This should be two reviews for Mike B. He is, hands down, the best around. He came by — same day — to fix a valve. Then came by on his on-call day to give me a quote on a new water heater (not an emergency). He is real, down to earth, and doesn’t try to oversell products I don’t need. He actually replaced the hot water heater — again, on an on-call day when it was not an emergency. I trust Mike B with all my plumbing needs and because of him, I trust Ground Zero. Thanks again, Mike!  - 4/08/2018

  • Greg Avatar

    5 star rating   Dominic was fantastic. Great service, fix the problems quickly, and has a personality that makes you want to work with him. Can't recommend him highly enough!  - 3/27/2018

  • Tina Avatar

    5 star rating   Mike put a new sink in my kitchen for me today. It’s wonderful. I love it. He did a great job and was very professional. I would definitely recommend them.  - 3/04/2018

  • Sarah Avatar

    5 star rating   Dominic came out to fix my water heater that I had been having problems with and he did such a great job and got the work done in a timely manner. Dominic was very nice an  - 2/23/2018

  • Kelly Avatar

    5 star rating   Ground Zero is the best! I manage a 500+ unit apartment community in Phoenix and we have our fair share of plumbing and AC issues. I always contact my rep Jerry who gets someone out for me super quick! The technicians are always respectful to my team and residents and if they're happy I'm happy! It's hard to find a good all around company these days. I have even recommended them to friends and family to do work at their homes. Call Ground Zero and ask for Jerry!  - 2/23/2018

  • Ariel Avatar

    5 star rating   Mike Brock came to our home to fix a broken water line he did a great job and was very fast. He also to extra care to not wake my sleeping baby which I greatly appreciate!  - 2/21/2018

  • Jerica Avatar

    5 star rating   You won't believe how fast and clean these guys are!! My Service hero was Dominic and he was awesome! It's like having a comedian and a plumber come out to your home. Took care of business while making me laugh the whole time! Thank you Ground Zero!@  - 2/23/2018

  • Joe Avatar

    5 star rating   You can tell when a company employs people who actually care about their jobs and take pride in their work. Dominic was meticulous and very clean. Couldn't have asked for better work. Thank you for everything Dominic and the office team at Ground Zero!  - 2/23/2018

  • Marcus Avatar

    5 star rating   I called to inquire about getting a water heater replaced and a water softener installed. Fred came out right away and took a look for me at no charge and gave some great recommendations to plumb for the softener. He followed up with a written quote while I thought about it. I checked another place or two and found the quote was a good price.

    I scheduled and they were very quick and accommodating. Stan and Mike came out and completed the job quickly, much faster than expected! They were very thorough and went above and beyond to hide and insulate my plumbing. A+! I'm very happy with the results. They buried the pipes and installed a new valve for me as well. Thanks guys!  - 4/02/2018

  • Andrew Avatar

    5 star rating   Michael and Mike came over and did a stellar job. Passed inspection with flying colors. Very professional team, well equipped and thoughtful. I highly recommend.  - 3/27/2018

  • Robert Avatar

    5 star rating   This company was phenomenal. They were on time, honest and gave the quote the offered over the phone. Carter was very knowledgeable and pleasant. Use this company!!!  - 4/30/2018

  • Samantha Avatar

    5 star rating   My water heater recently went out. And with two kids and a hectic schedule I was very stressed out. The technician Dominic showed up and replaced my water heater. He was very professional, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this company.  - 2/23/2018

  • Meredith Avatar

    5 star rating   We were frantic. We had just begun to rent our house out and one group of renters left the house looking like a scene from the movie, "The Hangover." Beyond the visible damage, they had also managed to stop up one toilet and the kitchen sink. Ground Zero was recommended and we gave a call, crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. From the ability to speak to a human being (a very gracious one!) instead of being put on hold, to dealing with a neat and communicative plumber (thank you for your fine work, Dominic!) to the final pricing structure, working with Ground Zero was like having a business partner that was punctual, reliable, friendly and thorough. We will keep your business card handy.  - 3/30/2018

  • Joshua Avatar

    5 star rating   I had Ground Zero come out and fix a leak Dominic was extremely professional and polite I will absolutely tell friends and family about the excellent service!!!  - 2/23/2018

  • Carolyn Avatar

    5 star rating   I called another plumbing company who didn’t even bother to return my call. That wasn’t the case with Ground Zero. They showed up on time and gave me a great price. They worked hard to make sure I was happy. They did a great job in installing our wall faucet. We would definitely use them again. Finally a company who has integrity! As a small businessowner I really appreciated their professionalism.  - 4/15/2018

  • Alice Avatar

    5 star rating   I've had two experiences with Ground Zero, and both were excellent. First was plumbing, and most recently for AC repair (on a 105 degree day). Both experiences could not be better. Worked with Brad most recently. He explained what was going on, spoke with home office to secure the best price possible and did the work, complete with video! Whoever worked out the business plan for Ground Zero was very, very bright: customer service (as in, talk to a person, not a machine), excellent work, and honest pricing. Ground Zero is my BFF. Thanks, Brad!  - 5/11/2018

  • Kelli Avatar

    5 star rating   This company is the best by far! Couldn't be happier with my new kitchen faucet and water softener system! Dominic you're my hero! Thank you!  - 3/26/2018

  • Destiney Avatar

    5 star rating   Carter was professional, courteous and thorough. Thank you.  - 3/24/2018

  • Erika Avatar

    5 star rating   Working with Ground Zero was such a relieving experience. When it came to replacing my AC I was so afraid of being ripped off. I contacted several companies for quotes and they were the best pice by far plus offered financing options. Jerry came out and did a detailed walk with me outlining what needed to be done and provided a quote that same day. Install was done the following day by Fred who was awesome too! Left my home in pristine condition and was very thorough. Jerry even followed up after the work was done to make sure everything went well. Great work and customer service too which is rare these days! I highly recommend Ground Zero Plumbing & AC!!  - 2/23/2018

  • Ryan Avatar

    5 star rating   Dominic was honest and professional and pulled off a small miracle to install my reverse osmosis system. The price was also a fraction of the cost of other plumbers in the area. I highly recommend Ground Zero Plumbing!  - 4/10/2018

  • Stephanie Avatar

    5 star rating   Mike did fabulous work and provides excellent customer service. I like to know the "why" behind things and he took the time to explain the repairs in language I would understand. The pricing is transparent and reasonable. I am so happy I finally found a company I can trust and rely on for my plumbing & A/C needs.  - 4/07/2018

  • Jamajo's Avatar

    4 star rating   Carter was supposed to be here between 9:30 and 10. He got here at 10:09. That is the first time in 6 weeks any plumber or any restoration person has been to this house relatively on time. He's Young! But he knows what he's doing. And he went out of his way and put the dryer up on the blocks the Restoration company was supposed to do and didn't. He is definitely an asset to this company. He's new to the company, and did not have copper pieces in his truck that he needed, so he had to go to the store. That took some time. He left at 12:48. I will definitely call Ground Zero in the future for plumbing needs. It is a huge, big deal when people are on time and these companies need to realize that.  - 3/10/2018