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Living without air conditioning is certainly an option, albeit a less-chosen option. Most people know that when the temperatures start to rise in Arizona, staying cool is a top priority. Ground Zero brings decades of AC experience to the table and years of combined knowledge to handle any air conditioning install––no matter the size, for your home and business. As a part of our process, we evaluate your home and the space that needs cooling, then decide what the best, most affordable option would be. We’ll help you from beginning to end of the process and get you squared away in no time!

What Does Ground Zero Do When They Install Air Conditioning?

The process of installing an air conditioning can be elusive because of the complicated training and tools required for the job. Ground Zero prides themselves on transparency in pricing and also work, so we’ll be the first to tell you that not all HVAC companies are created equal. We have been servicing Arizona cities for decades, so we’ve seen it all and are experienced enough to handle any challenges that may arise with your installation. Here are a few things we do when installing a new air conditioning system.

  • Complete Air Conditioner Operation Testing – Testing a new air conditioner is a vital step to make sure everything is working correctly. We don’t leave until we fully cycle and test your new air conditioner.
  • Balance Whole House Air Flow – This step ensures that each and every room of the home is comfortable, and your air conditioner is being used to its full potential.
  • We Clean Up – It’s hard to believe that this step needs to be mentioned, but Ground Zero will always leave your home as we found it, clean & tidy.
  • Quality Control Inspections – Periodically, installations may be selected for our quality control supervisor to inspect. Photos are taken and used during our weekly training sessions. We use every installation as an opportunity to collect more training materials for the future of our business and the needs of our customers.

Installing an air conditioner is not a task that you can take on yourself. Let Ground Zero help you choose the appropriate air conditioning for your home or business. There’s no need to guess what unit would be best, we’ll be there to help you choose the most efficient option. Call us today!

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