AC Repair Services

The team of Mesa AC repair professionals here at Ground Zero Plumbing & A/C LLC is always standing by to help you out with your HVAC problems. From simple maintenance to full-blown troubleshooting and repair, we have you more than covered. Moreover, we’ve earned countless 5-star reviews from our satisfied customers, and we’ve even received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau! So, if you need any sort of air conditioning service, then you’ve come to the right place! Contact us to schedule a service call today!

When To Contact Professionals For An AC Service Or Repair

Unfortunately, a large number of home and business owners don’t know when to get in touch with the professionals for air conditioning service  in Mesa (short of a full-blown breakdown, that is). So, to help mitigate that issue, our team of HVAC experts compiled the following list of signs of impending air conditioning troubles:

  • Your system won’t turn on at all
  • You hear strange noises coming from the unit
  • No cold air
  • The fan doesn’t turn on or spin
  • Your blower fan runs, but the compressor never starts
  • You find water pooling around your AC
  • The unit freezes up and ceases operation

A Quality Air Conditioning Maintenance Company

Typically, you’ll want to get a AC tune-up whenever you’ve forgone using your HVAC system for a season or two. We also recommend you get a full tune-up at least once every couple of years, even if you use your AC every day.

During a service, we check every component of your system to ensure complete functionality and reliability. We also perform start-of-season startup procedures to make sure that your AC works when you need it most. And, if we discover any pending problems, we can schedule repair services or replacement parts right there on the spot. So, if you haven’t used your air conditioner in a while, give us a call. You just might need a professional AC tune-up from us here at Ground Zero Plumbing & A/C LLC.

Why Get An AC Tune-Up?

Keeping your AC running like new is what professional air conditioning maintenance services are all about. However, keeping up with necessary maintenance is sometimes hard to keep on top of. So, to help, we offer pre-scheduled maintenance services at regular intervals. In other words, we can help by managing all your maintenance needs.

Okay, so we offer maintenance services. But, what makes professional maintenance better than what you can do on your own? Well, with a professional maintenance service from our HVAC professionals, you can expect the following:

  • Filter change or cleaning (depending on the type of filter(s) present)
  • We’ll clean your entire system
  • Our experts diagnose and test the entire system
  • We’ll program your thermostat (if you like)
  • Our techs check and balance your refrigerant levels
  • We also recommend any necessary repairs or part replacements that might be on the immediate horizon

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Here at Ground Zero Plumbing & A/C LLC, we pride ourselves on being the go-to Mesa AC repair company around. From simple repairs to maintenance and tune up services, we have you covered! Moreover, we even have a few coupons on offer to help save you even more money! So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to schedule AC repair, maintenance, or tune up services today!


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