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One thing Tempe, AZ, is known for is the incredible weather. It has bright blue skies and warm sunny days, which may occasionally get slightly hot and require an air-conditioned building for relief. Unfortunately, you may have to deal with a malfunctioning AC unit as it ages.

Ground Zero Plumbing & AC is the reliable HVAC company to call whether you need an AC installation or any of our many other air conditioning services. Our team of qualified technicians will promptly handle your AC repair near Tempe, AZ.

Every contractor we hire is licensed, goes through extensive training, and carries insurance to ensure safety on every project. You can count on us regardless of your unit’s brand or age. Ground Zero Plumbing & AC is the dependable team you can trust when you need first-rate air conditioning services.

Get Your AC Replacement near Tempe, AZ

We are known throughout the area for installing and replacing various cooling equipment. Our helpful technicians will guide you through every replacement step — including choosing your new system and placing your order — because we know how stressful this time may be.

They will properly and safely remove your old air conditioner and install the new one with all of the required components.

Air conditioning units beyond their prime tend to make noise as they operate. It is usual for systems to do this, but it becomes bothersome for many homeowners, who eventually decide to replace their systems. Other signs you should be on the lookout for include:

  • Constant and expensive repairs
  • Uneven temperatures around your home
  • Strange sounds or odors
  • Increased utility bills

If your usage hasn’t changed, your energy bill shouldn’t drastically increase. Call Ground Zero Plumbing & AC to discuss your replacement options if it does.

Quality AC Repair near Tempe, AZ

Most air conditioners are designed to last ten years or longer. But with time, they can start to behave oddly, lose their efficiency, and break down. When that happens, the expert AC repair professionals at Ground Zero Plumbing & AC are ready to help!

We are proficient at locating and resolving all problems with your cooling system, from broken fans and thermostats to issues with your electrical wiring.

Prolong the Life of Your System with AC Maintenance

Your HVAC system is a significant investment that needs proper maintenance to help it last as long as possible. Scheduling AC maintenance near Tempe, AZ, with Ground Zero Plumbing & AC will allow us to complete a comprehensive air conditioning inspection, locate any minor issues, and repair them before they cause extensive damage.

By the end of your appointment, we’ll have completed the following tasks:

  • Calibrating the thermostat
  • Refilling the refrigerant
  • Inspecting all electrical connections and tightening them as necessary
  • Replacing the air filter

AC maintenance not only helps your system last longer, but it prevents you from finding surprises on your monthly utility bill.

Get a Free Quote for AC Services

A budget is essential to every Tempe home, and we respect that. We understand how difficult it may be to plan for unexpected repairs. But with our free, no-obligation quote, you’ll know what to expect and how our repair services fit into your budget.

While we’ll always do our best to give you an accurate estimate, it’s challenging to know the exact cost without knowing the full scope of the job. For your quote, we’ll calculate the price based on the following:

  • The extent of the job
  • Required material types and amounts
  • Any parts needed to complete the repair
  • Specialized tools that will be used
  • Labor costs

Our prices will always be affordable and fair, but the cost of more complex jobs will be significantly higher than simply changing an air filter. Regardless of the project, the first step to determining a final price is to learn what is causing the problem.

Rely on Our Team of Experts for Quality AC Repairs

As a Tempe homeowner, air conditioning repairs will always be a part of your life. But with Ground Zero Plumbing & AC nearby, you can trust that your system will always be in good hands. Your comfort will remain our priority until your system is effectively cooling again.

Call our team today and get on the schedule for one of our valuable air conditioning services.

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