Trane Air Conditioning Repair

As a certified Trane dealer, we are proud to offer Trane A/C repair services to our customers. Trane has a long-standing history of being an industry leader in technology and efficiency, however, on the rare occurrence that your unit needs service, rest assured Ground Zero will be there to get you home cool again.

Ground Zero Services and Repairs the Following Units

  • Ground Units
  • Roof Units
  • Central Air Units
  • Air Handlers
  • Any other Trane unit

Some of the most common types of repairs typically needed include simple items such as fastening loose wires or replacing an air filter, on occasion, there will be more intensive repairs we need to perform. These can include:

  • Broken Compressor or Evaporator Fans
  • Compressor Issues (Electrical or Mechanical)
  • Frozen Condenser Coils
  • Leaking Refrigerant
  • Etc.

Trane Heater Repair

Ground Zero also offers a variety of Trane heater repairs for all Trane heating systems. We know one of the most frustrating things can be when your heater stops working during a cold winter night, luckily, Ground Zero is available 24/7 for any Trane heater repair needs.

The most common repairs that are typically needed are:

  • Broken Fan Motors
  • Duct Blockages
  • Gas/Pilot light Issues
  • Cracked Heat Exchanger
  • Slipped or Frayed Blower Belt
  • Worn Out Bearings
  • Etc

Signs You Need Repair

There are a few early indicators that you may need an A/C or Furnace repair for your Trane unit. Being mindful of the warning signs and paying attention to your unit and electricity/gas bill will help you avoid more costly repairs down the road. It’s always best to contact the professionals at Ground Zero if you think you may have an issue.

Some signs you need an HVAC Repair

  • High electric/gas bill
  • Odd sounds from your unit
  • Room temp air blowing
  • Short or frequent cycling
  • Leaky unit

Trane Comfort Specialists

A Trane Comfort Specialist is a certification given to Trane dealers that signifies that they are committed to being the very best in Trane installation, service, customer satisfaction and have received all necessary employee training from Trane.

The badge of Comfort Specialist is not awarded to every Trane dealer, but only those who meet Trane’s specific and stringent standards and demonstrate a commitment to continued education and customer satisfaction. As a Trane Comfort Specialist, we keep up to date with Trane’s newest technology so we can help our customers receive the best system with maximum efficiency.

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