As much as Arizona is known for its deserts and hot summers, its winters can bring a chill to the entire valley! When it does, having a heater is essential to making it through the season. If your furnace needs some attention, our heating repair team at Ground Zero Plumbing & A/C is available to make a service call to your home. Our HVAC professionals have extensive experience when it comes to home furnace systems and will know what it is you need for it to properly function.

Heat Pump Problems?

Your heat pump could be malfunctioning if you notice a few issues. Blowing cold air while the heat mode is on is one big gimme. Especially on some cold nights in the Arizona desert. The last thing you want to be surprised with is your heating system functioning cold air. If heat is constantly running in our scorching summer when the air conditioning is selected. You should also get in touch with us to troubleshoot the system.

heater unit and installation image
heating inspections and repairs for gas furnace

Furnace Problems?

Age will most certainly put a damper on your furnace system. Not scheduling yearly maintenance can leak gaps in the system that will over time begin to break down. If you begin to notice that your furnace system isn’t producing heat or is turning on and off unexpectedly. This is a big sign that you need to call in professionals to troubleshoot the system. 
heating inspections and repairs for gas furnace

Need Heating Repair? We Can Help!

There are a number of different heating systems you can have in your home. Including propane, an electric furnace, and a boiler. But no matter what system you have or how old it is. You can count on the heating experts at Ground Zero to offer you solutions. Get in touch with us to update your furnace, heat pump, or other heating systems today!

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