Heating Installation

Let Ground Zero Complete Your Heating System Installation

How much does it cost to install a new heating system?

Ground Zero HVAC is proud to Arizona and surrounding areas, and we know it can be a huge decision to install a new heating system. Our Ground Zero technicians are expertly trained in HVAC systems and are fully background checked and drug tested, so you can feel safe in your home or business when we visit. We can help you make the best decision for your next heating system install, and we’re ready and willing to satisfy all concerns our customers may have. Our goal is a customer for life. This support is as important as what system you install in your home: will the company who installed it be there for you if you have problems? Ground Zero is family owned &  operated. We’re not going anywhere, and we’re not looking to leave any customer high and dry. We are here for you!

Gas Furnace

What type of heating is a gas furnace?

Gas furnaces source their heat from burning natural gas, which heats the air in the furnace and then forces the air through ductwork into individual rooms. This is most commonly referred to as forced air. Initially, your thermostat will communicate with your furnace what the desired temperature should be, then the system will ignite and begin to heat the air for delivery into your home or business. This type of furnace is known to save owners money and heat their homes and businesses more effectively and efficiently.

Electric Furnace

How does an electric furnace work?

Electric furnaces offer a cleaner operation when compared to gas furnaces. While they essentially work the same, electricity is used in lieu of natural gas, and electric heating elements warm up in the heat exchanger, working like a hair blow-dryer. Then, exactly like a gas furnace, the warmed air is pushed through the ductwork into the rooms of your home or business. Because of the increased usage of electricity using this type of furnace, owners should expect a decrease on their gas bill and an increase on their electric bill.

Heat Pump

What exactly does a heat pump do?

The heat pump is the most versatile type of heating and cooling system for all weather types. It works similar to your refrigerator, which pulls warm air from the cool spaces inside the refrigerator, moving it to a coil on the back of the unit. This is why your refrigerator coil can become warm. This makes the cool spaces cooler, and the warm spaces warmer. In an HVAC application, the heat pump operates both ways with an indoor and outdoor unit in tandem, depending on the needs of the user. This means, in cooler temperatures outside when trying to heat a space, the heat pump will pull heat from outdoors and use it to warm the inside and do the inverse when trying to cool the inside. This is accomplished through the use of an expansion valve, which acts as a type of meter to regulate flow of refrigerant. When switching between heating and cooling operations, a reversing valve allows for the refrigerant to flow in both directions, depending on the needs of the user. This split-type system is a great solution for Arizona winters and summers, and it’s energy efficient.

Propane Heating

Is propane expensive to heat with?

Propane is the cheaper option over electric heating, but is comparable to heating with natural gas. It’s estimated that 5% of homes in the US use propane heating, but it can reduce greenhouse gas emissions up to 68%. This makes propane the more attractive option for people wanting to do their part for the environment, as it’s one of the cleanest burning fuels available today. There are a number of different propane options that exist to heat your home or business, and Ground Zero would be happy to help go over some of them with you.