Heating Repair

Repairing Your Heating System With Ground Zero

Why won’t my house heat up?

Heating your home or business might be the last thing on your mind in Arizona. Our summers are hot and seem to take up the majority of the year, but anyone who has lived here long enough knows that it can get chilly in our valley. A working heater is an essential tool to keep warm when we experience our snaps of cold, and Ground Zero can help. Repairing a heating system can be as simple as replacing a dirty filter––in fact, it’s the most common issue technicians find with a heating system. It’s also possible that the furnace switch is off or the breaker supplying electricity has tripped. The only way to know is if you tried to turn your heat on and nothing happened. Depending on how often you use your furnace, there may be a myriad of simple solutions that a trained technician will be able to spot right away. We recommend a heating inspection first, and once needed repairs are identified, we can schedule a good time to come out to your home again, discuss pricing, and give you all the information you need to make an educated decision about the heating system in your home or business.

Heat Pump Repair

What is a heat pump, and how does it work?

Heat pumps are common in all electric HVAC systems. By using a reversing valve, the heating pump can push refrigerant to cool and heat a home. Heat pumps don’t actually generate any heat on their own, but rather move heat from one place to another. So when it’s cold outside, the heat pump absorbs warmer energy from outside and moves it inside, and conversely, when it’s warm outside, it moves warm air from inside and releases it outside. The process makes the heat pump versatile and useful for homes or businesses that don’t utilize a gas or electric furnace. Because of the small amount of electricity required to run newer heat pumps, they can even be considered energy efficient.

Common Heat Pump Issues

What are the typical problems for heat pumps?

A few issues are red flags for heat pumps, and should be carefully considered and inspected by an HVAC technician. If your HVAC system is in heating mode, and it’s blowing cold air, this is a major indicator that something is wrong. This goes for it blowing warm air in the summer months as well. If your system ices over when it’s running in either heat or cold, the pump could be going bad or given up working altogether. Contact Ground Zero, and we’ll come out to troubleshoot what the issue might be. We can repair or replace your heat pump and get you back to your normal life in comfort.

Common Heater Issues

What are signs of a furnace going out?

Your furnace can be a little more complicated than a heat pump, but with the trained experts at Ground Zero, it’s just another day. The most common issue with a poorly performing furnace is a dirty filter. We’ve mentioned this before, but it’s important to remember that a dirty filter can cause the system to work harder and is similar to preventing your furnace from taking a deep breath. Also common, are thermostat issues. Sometimes the batteries in your thermostat can die, causing normal operation to be erratic or not at all. If your furnace is over 15 years old, starts making noises, or you’ve noticed an increase in your heating bills, these can be indicators of a dead or dying furnace. These types of issues don’t get better on their own, so definitely reach out to Ground Zero as soon as possible, so we can come complete a full heat inspection.