HVAC Prices

HVAC ServicesLow PriceHigh Price
Refrigerant up to 3 pounds:
Condenser coil cleaning:$240$250
Evap coil cleaning:

Basic Fan Motor Replacement:$890 $1,000
Condenser Fan Motors:$850$1,000
Fan Relays:$500$525
Air Conditioner System Installed
16 Seer XR14

Trane A/C System
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A/C & Heating Repair

$150 OFF

A/C Installation


air conditioning tune up

HVAC Pricing

Why can HVAC repairs be so expensive?

For a system that is usually buried in your walls, hidden in closets, and stuffed into your attic, shouldn’t cost a little less? In truth, your HVAC system is designed to run for 15 to 25 years, even with spotty and inconsistent maintenance. It’ll last even longer if you maintain the system yearly. That’s a long time for a system that’s complicated and requires special tools, training, and schooling not to mention equal support from a company that cares for its customers as much as the quality of work they provide. The point is, a lot can go wrong with an HVAC system, and Ground Zero does their absolute best to keep prices within a manageable range, all while providing outstanding and consistent service.

Get the Best HVAC Repair & Installation Prices

There isn’t anything Ground Zero technicians haven’t seen before, and we’re confident that you’ll see the difference. Below is a chart that breaks down pricing for most HVAC-related services. This information is shared with the intent to remain transparent and upfront about what we charge. No two HVAC service calls are the same, so this is meant to be informational and an actual quote for your system may be different.

Air Conditioning Tech Measuring Air
Trane Certified Dealer Ground Zero HVAC

Ground Zero is a Trane Certified Dealer

We provide the top quality HVAC products & warranties from the best in the business. Our company is a Trane certified comfort specialist!

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