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How Do You Know if Your Drain is Clogged?

Four Common Signs That Your Drain Needs Professional Cleaning.

A clog is not hard to identify. When water, that’s supposed to drain, stops draining, the logical thought is that something is obstructing its drainage path. But how do you identify a clog when the water just moves a bit slower, but still drains? Or, over time, you don’t notice that things have started to drain a little more slowly, and now your slow-moving drain seems normal. Here are four of the most common symptoms of a clogged drain & you may need a professional plumbers near you.

  • Slow-moving, gurgling, or bubbling drains
  • Your toilet gurgles or bubbles when it flushes
  • The toilet backs up into the tub, sink, or shower
  • You notice water around the base of your toilet

No Clog is Safe From Ground Zero

We are confident that we can unclog any drain!

Ground Zero is here to take the guess work out of plumbing. We use industry-standard techniques and technology that allow us to speak with certainty about your plumbing issue. The end goal is to help you get back to your life with all pipes draining as they should. No matter what drainage issue you may have, Ground Zero is confident in the skill we’ve developed to guarantee that there is no clog safe from our reach. We use many techniques with decades of plumbing experience, but a few stands out as common ways to fix a drainage issue in your home’s plumbing system.

Rooter Service

What is a rooter service and do you need one?

The term “rooter” comes from the original use for a rooter machine, where it was designed to tangle with and remove roots from a drainage pipe. While this tool is no longer used for that purpose, the techniques are still applied today with modern rooter machines. The rooter is usually made of metal and is snake-like in nature, with multiple different tips that are used for different situations. Once the “snake” is inside the pipe, the machine turns the rooter, causing the secured tip to spin and collect whatever obstruction exists in your pipe. A rooter machine is used for difficult clogs that cannot be removed by other techniques, but it’s also the most common way for any plumbing service to clear out a stopped drain. Ground Zero employs this type of machine as a standard procedure for even the toughest clogs. You might need a rooter service if any of the above symptoms are happening in your home.

Hydro Jetting

Using the power of water to clear your drains.

Hydro jetting is almost completely explained in its name. Hydro (water) and jetting combined means that this technology employs up to 4,000 psi of water to bust apart the most stubborn clogs in drainage pipes. This technique is, essentially, a high-powered pressure washer with dedicated attachments to break through the toughest clogs. Where a rooter service may struggle, the hydro jet prevails. With a trained professional plumber, these tools are powerful enough to cut away tree roots that have wandered into your drainage pipe looking for water. Most importantly, a hydro jet is generally safe for pipes. As long as previous damage doesn’t exist within your pipes, a hydro jet is powerful enough to unclog your pipes without destroying them or your property in any way.

Snake & Auger Cleaning

What is the difference between snake and auger cleaning?

A drain snake is meant to be used for smaller clogs that usually form in your kitchen or bathroom sinks. This will be a smaller snake-like tool that is fed into the drain of the problematic sink. Then the snake is spun within your pipes to tangle with whatever is obstructing proper drainage. Drain augers are meant to tackle more difficult jobs like toilets or shower drains. While the concept for an auger is nearly identical to that of a drain snake, the construction of the tool is much heavier and designed to tangle with more stubborn clogs.

Even the cleanest of homes still can have organic debris, hair, and soap scum build up in their pipes. As a general recommendation, you should have your waste pipes cleared every three to five years. Ignoring this can cause issues later down the road that are more expensive to repair. If you are not sure about your plumbing issues, contact us today for a the best plumbing inspection.

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