Plumbing Prices

Plumbing ServicesLow PriceHigh Price
Water Softener Replacement$1,900$2,500
Water Main Spot Repair$500$1,000
Toilet Repair$75$195
Toilet Replacement$775$900
Toilet Tank Rebuild$375$450
Garbage Disposal$425$1,000
Angle stop replacement$200$300
Hose Bib$225$300
Main Shut Off Valve$390$500
Pressure Reducing Valve$390$750
Line Jetting$425$600

Plumbing Pricing

Ground Zero offers plumbing services in Arizona

Nothing defines the specific need for a plumber like a clogged toilet, a leaky faucet, the smell of sewage, or any number of other woes that befall a plumbing system. There isn’t a shortage of DIY videos on the internet that can take you through a step-by-step process of fixing something yourself, but after buying the materials, the tools, and crossing your fingers that you get it right, Ground Zero could have come and gone from your home or business, and likely for less money.

Let the experts come fix your problems, so you can get back to your life. In an effort to maintain transparency and an upfront business, below is a reference chart for all the pricing for our plumbing services. Keep in mind that our plumbers have decades of experience and may find things that extend beyond what is included on this chart, as no two plumbing service calls are the same.

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