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What does it mean if your garbage disposal hums, grinds, or doesn’t turn on at all? 

Garbage disposals aren’t complicated concepts to understand, but they can be complex when troubleshooting or deciding if a replacement is needed. There are common problems that can help you diagnose what’s going on, but as a general warning, you should never work on a garbage disposal when it’s connected to electricity. Make sure the breaker that delivers power is turned to the off position before proceeding. Here are some common issues you may encounter with garbage disposals. 

  • Disposal doesn’t turn on – This issue may not require a plumber. It could be as simple as the power receptacle not receiving power. Likely, the receptacle is a GFCI with a “reset” and “test” button. Pressing the reset button can reactivate power in that receptacle and the disposal might turn on. If the receptacle continues to trip, you could have an electrical issue and should contact an electrician. If none of the issue persists, it’s possible that the disposal is just burned out and won’t turn on anymore. Ground Zero plumbers can help! 
  • Disposal hums when switched on – If your disposal begins to hum, but the blades don’t spin like normal, turn it off immediately, as the blades are, likely, jammed. Ground Zero plumbers can definitely assist, and it’s not recommended to put your hand or any tool into the disposal to free obstructions. Should you troubleshoot on your own, be sure that the breaker that delivers power is turned off.  
  • Slow drain – If water is draining slow, it could be related to a couple of problems. A garbage disposal should be chopping up discarded food in a few seconds. If it’s not, the blades could be dull and no longer doing their job. The byproduct of poor food processing leads to clogs further down the drain. Reach out to Ground Zero for help with the clog and to either replace or sharpen your disposal blades. 
  • Grinding noises – It’s not uncommon for things to get caught in a garbage disposal, and if you’re not careful, you can ruin your disposal by running it with metal or other materials that aren’t meant for it. You can also accidentally lose rings or other precious items. Whatever the case, a grinding noise could mean a foreign object is in the disposal. If you’re unable to find an obstruction, it could also be worn out and misaligned parts within in the disposal unit itself. Ground Zero can help assess and will inform you if you should replace or repair your garbage disposal.
  • Leaking garbage disposal – Often times a leaky disposal indicates a worn out O-ring or loose connections around the sink. In any case, a plumber can help you tighten everything up or explore replacement options.
  • Foul odors coming from garbage disposal – If your garbage disposal stinks, you can use a couple home remedies that will help clean it, and ultimately, stop your sink from smelling bad. One method is putting lemon or lime wedges and ice into your disposal and letting it run until completely chopped up while running cold water for at least 30 seconds. You can also pour in baking soda and vinegar, which will cause a chemical foam reaction that naturally cleans. If the smells persist, impacted food could be the issue. Harder to reach food will require a plumber to disassemble and clean your disposal, again, weighing the cost against replacement. 

Should I Replace My Garbage Disposal?

Ground Zero plumbers can help you decide what to do with your garbage disposal. 

Serving all of Arizona and the surrounding areas, Ground Zero plumbing can offer you practical advice about your problematic garbage disposal. We can recommend replacement disposals, we can repair your current one, or if you don’t have a disposal, and you want one installed, we can help with that too. Don’t let the complexity of a garbage disposal frustrate you. Call the experts, so we can help you avoid any hiccups in your kitchen. 

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