Benefits of Water Softening

There are many benefits to adding a water treatment system to your home including:

  • Removes harmful minerals that can build up and damage your plumbing
  • Reduces soap scum in sinks or shower walls
  • Softens clothes after a load of laundry
  • Leaves skin and hair feeling softer and less irritated after a shower

Why You Need a Water Softener

Water softener systems filter out high concentrations of calcium and magnesium that cause hard water buildup in your plumbing. The hard water minerals flow outwards while leaving the soft water to flow through your home’s main supply. Having too much hard water coursing through your pipes will gradually cause scale build-up, backing up water flow, and potentially clogging them. 

How Water Softening Works

  • Mineral Tank: The chamber where the water supply line feeds hard water which then goes through the softening process. Calcium and magnesium-containing ions disperse through a bed of resin beads, allowing soft water to flow through to your household
  • Control Valve: Measures the amount of water taken from the mineral tank into your home using a meter to track volume
  • Brine Tank: Aids alongside the mineral tank in the regeneration process that holds a highly concentrated solution of salt to restore a positive charge in the resin beads

Avoid Costly Repairs

Hard water will over time cause expensive damages and maintenance repairs to your home. The build-up of scale will require you to spend more time than you need on the upkeep removing them from your water pipes. You need a water softener system to prevent that from happening, as well as provide cleaner and fresher showers or laundry. If you’ve noticed any build-up around your faucets or showerhead, that’s an indicator of scale already starting to form. 

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